Saturday, March 2, 2013

Skaters, Band Members, Babies, and Other Various Roles!

Happy Saturday! Seeking various people for multiple films!
(Please pay close attention to the submission emails as some have changed!) 

18-23 Year Olds for 3/5. Must be able to ROLLER SKATE!  Seeking African Americans and Caucasians. Submit to Subject: Roller Skate

Kid –N- Play Fades for 3/5 (and possibly many other dates). People with Kid-N-Play fade hair cuts (or willing to get their hair cut in these styles). Submit to Subject: Kid–N-Play

African American Female with Cornrows, Heavy-set 20’s-30’s– *FEATURED ROLE* Submit to Subject: AA Female, Cornrows

MC Hammer Double or Look-A-Like! Submit to Subject: MC Hammer

BAND – Looking for African Americans 20-30 Males, Need a Drummer, Keyboardist, Keytarist, Guitarist WITH instruments. Submit to Subject: BAND

African American Pregnant Ladies –Should be currently 8.5 months pregnant, or recently had a baby. We are looking for a baby African American boy to work March 25th. They should be 1 week to 2 months on or about March 25th.  Submit to Subject: Baby

90’s Cars (Any Cars from the 90’s) - Submit to Subject: 90 Car

1995-1996 Dodge Neons – Submit to Subject: Dodge Neon

1990-1992 Limo Submit to Subject: Limo

Asian Males (Must be available 3/5) – Looking for ages 24-60+ - Submit to: Subject: Asian Male

Ice Skaters (Must be available 3/22, and must be able to Ice Skate) – Looking for all ages. Submit to: Subject: Ice Skaters

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
~CL Casting!